Band members:

  • Mikko Happo – Guitar
  • Olli Kari – Percussion, Marimba, Vibrafone
  • Sami Wirkkala – Guitar
  • Kimmo Dammert – Bass
  • Teemu Kilponen – Drums
  • Veikko Aallonhuippu – Keyboards, Synths

CONTACT : hidria @



The band started to form at Hiidenlinna hippie community in Lohja, Finland. After some endless jam sessions we start doing live shows and started to record our first mini-CD.


Jamming, playing live, recording tracks with digital 8-tracker… those were the days…


Authors edition mini album called HDRSF-1 comes out.

We made record deal for a label called Silence. it’s a small record company with good people, and it’s co-operating with one of the best studios in Finland. So we got ourselves in real studio and started to record our “debut” album.


Our first studio album Symbiosis is released.


We were touring in Holland and Denmark and playing lots of gigs in Finland…
Lets not talk about the van, OK?

The band was back in Seawolf-studio, recording our second album for Silence.

As old fans of Finnish electronic music scene we wanted to do a remix album. We talked with guys from Exogenic Records (very good Finnish electronic music label) and agreed that Hidria remix album must be done.


Violently remix album is released.

Balansia studio album is released

We do our most important gig so far in Nearfest (The North East Art Rock Festival) in Betlehem, Pennsylvania. After all the show went so well that the NearFest Records wanted to publish the entire gig as a CD.

At autumn we were back in Denmark to do a show in art exhibition of Seppo Renvall. Since we were there we also did a gig in Christiania and Dragens Hule.


Live eleven am live album is released.

We are back in business and done the Moscow, Helsinki bars, Lohja, Raahe and Qstock gigs and in fall we played at Kingston Wall-record release parties. We did also a little christmas tour and it was fun! Great year for us.


We had an a little gig break and started to record our next studio album. We played in Burg Herzberg- festival, traditional hippie convention!!! It was the biggest gig of the year. We were last band playing on mainstage saturday night. We had some pretty convincing bands playing before us, warming the croud!!! ;D
The show was recorded in multitrack. Kind folk of Herzberg-festival wanted to release live-CD from that gig…


Our third studio album Symetria is released.

Live at Heart live album is released.

Higlight of the year was gig at Ilosaari-festivals in Finland. We got probably the biggest crew of all bands performing there, including live video vjs, stage decorators, girls doing fire show!!! …Avesome festivals!!!


Janne Lounatvuori moved to Berlin. Veikko Sutinen replaces him on keyboards.
Mikko and Kimmo got babys, so were kinda taking it easy this year. ;)
We filmed couple gigs for future DVD release and started writing new material for our next album.


We were busy jamming and writing new material for our next album. Still having fun! ;)
Hilight of the year was our 10 year birthday party at Tavastia club. It really was a party not a gig! So much people, old friends and new fans. Thank you for coming! We filmed and recorded the gig for future DVD release.
Hidria Records is now our label!


We have some fresh blood in the band, which makes playing very interesting again! Olli Kari from Uzva joins us, playing marimba and percussion. Still just jamming and waiting that enough material comes to daylight so we can hit the studio!


We hit the studio finally. We wen’t to E-studio in Helsinki to record live band performences. After that we started doing overdubs and mixing in our own Notko-studio.


After years of waiting Hidria Spacefolk finally releases a new studio album. The making of this album grew to epic proportions and we experienced numerous setbacks. The end result is aptly named Astronautica with reference to the Argonauts Odyssey in Greek mythology. Records is released september 14 in CD, LP and DL formats.