“Man from Hidria” Solo-project album is out:

Clouds and Oceans is compilation of old tracks produced in differrent places during past 15 years or so, before and between Hidria Spacefolk records. Some ideas and themes in these tracks have been used in Hidria Spacefolk songs and vice versa, couple tracks are straight remixes and Gnomen has actually been released before in Spacefolks debut EP.
Most of these tracks have been made with very Lo-Fi equipment: 4 and 8-trackers and Atari ST. Percussion instruments are scavenged from kitchen etc… ;) No software synths or million plugins used… ;)
These songs have been idle on my harddrive forever and wanted them to finally see daylight. I hope some of you can find enjoyment in this! ;)
Peace & Love everybody!

-Sami from Hidria.


3 thoughts on ““Man from Hidria” Solo-project album is out:

  1. Onko näitä mahdollista saada myös fyysisellä levyllä? Veikkaan, että ostajia löytyisi, jos kauppaisitte äänitettä vaikkapa keikoilla.

    Todella hyviä biisejä ja samalla myös erittäin piristäviä sovitusratkaisuja esim. tuohon uusimpaan Hidria-levyyn verrattuna! Enemmän niitä ambient- ja psykedelia-elementtejä vauhdikkaan rock-paahdon sijaan.

  2. Marvelous!! Been listening with the utmost respect,… this is so 100% want I want to hear. Thank you guys so much. And I’m so flabbergasted to say: ” See you tomorrow!” :) Thank you!

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