Yearly update 2016

Now we have two gigs coming (Turku and Helsinki) and after that we go for a break. See you in the future! Thanks everybody!

3 thoughts on “Yearly update 2016

  1. Please come to the USA!! – the psychedelic music scene is booming and bursting! I’m sure bands like DopApoD, Umphrey’s McGee, Tauk, Lotus, ZILLA and Sound Tribe Sector 9 would love to have you come play with them – these bands are primarily rock based with much trance/spacey improvisations — if interested, contact these music festivals: The Werkout, Sonic Bloom, and Summer Camp.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that you guys are an amazing band! I have been a fan since finding you while looking for artists similar to Ozrics, this was right after you released your second album.
    If you have seen an increase in plays on Google Play Music, that’s me! I listen to you almost every day, and hope for more music soon.
    I realize that you guys have busy personal and family lives, and it can be hard to make music happen, but we love you and wish for more HS music, while at the same time wishing good fortune to you and all of your families!
    Some love from America for HS!

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