Happy New Year 2015

Welcome to the future!
We did some awesome gigs last year. Big thanks to everybody who came to hear us play!

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2015

  1. Recently I wass turned on to Hidria Spacefolk. Man, I am amazed. I am a musician myself. My influences are the likes of Hawkwind, Ozrics, Underground Zero, Farflung and many others, many outside the spacey types I like the most.

    Your music has so much depth and layers within. I really like the use of varying instruments throughout. Of course I really dig the spaced out swirling jams. I have to say that the first song on Symbosis was the first time I had experienced your music, and it hit me right away. Fucking killer.

    Unfortunately I am in the U.S. Do you ever come this way? If you do make sure you come to Portland, Oregon. There’s a lot of us here who dig your style of playing.

    Anyway, kick ass tunes, I am a collector of rock and roll t-shirts, band or tour shirts. Do you ship to the U.S. I need a Hidria Spacefolk shirt.

    Keep on jaming. I’m in the processes of learning some of your guitar work.



  2. Found you guys some time ago. I can’t stop listening to you on youtube so I decided to buy all your studio work. Nice work! Keep it up!

  3. Yeah, I thgouht Camel last year was folk-influenced prog. Enjoyable, thgouh.Yeah, Planet X was going for the testosterone brand of prog, where its a full-blown AUDIO ASSAULT, MAN!!! I actually heard guys using that in their enthusiastic praise after the set. I’d have been happier with a full blown MUSICAL assault. T’woulda been awesomer. And less tedious. I didn’t stick around for their second encore.Beer nerd speaks: Its possible thgouh, that Yuengling wouldn’t pass beer muster in Germany. I would not be suprised to find out that they use some adjuncts, such as rice in the recipe. Still a good smooth beer, but not meeting the German standard. Normally I’m opposed to needless regulation, but I’ll give a little slack to a beer purity law that’s been around for 5 centuries. But screw the EU.Beer nerd should keep his mouth shut: The German spelling of lager’ is correct. It’s odd, but we never put the second g’ in to make it phonetically correct in English.

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